Website Maintenance


Do you have a website that you absolutely adore but it has either fallen on tough times or you have grown beyond it’s features? If having a new website developed is not an option for you right now and your looking for affordable, quick and efficient maintenance; then Philadelphia website design company Brainsick Media is the right choice for you.

We do not hide costs, try to talk you into other features and try to hang a monthly retainer on your head. The website maintenance request process here at Brainsick Media is simple.

1. Email us your needs
2. In just a couple hours (usually under 45 minutes) we will respond with out thoughts, pricing and time-line
3. Once you accept, we get to work immediately and complete the job.

Request range from tiny things like changing images and adding content, to installing modules, to repairing databases and all the way to transporting a site to a new CMS or Hosting Account.

Just like the requests are all over the place, so are the prices. Typical maintenance costs range between $30 and $150 per request. Bigger things like database development, application repair, CMS transports etc.. might go a little higher but it is always very competitive and much less expensive then paying some snake $60 an hour.

If you have any questions or would like a project quoted, please do not hesitate to email us at