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S.E.O. – S.M.M. & PPC Management with Transparency.

Brainsick Media is ranked one of the best SEO companies in the Philadelphia region. When it comes to SEO Online Marketing and PPC Management for Brainsick Media it is all about two things; Transparency and Accountability! Contrary to popular belief, SEO and PPC is not a VooDoo science. Implementing and sustaining a successful campaign requires HARD WORK and STRATEGY. There is no cheap automated system here at Brainsick Media nor is there a TV like get rich scheme available. We have dedicated professionals who make YOUR success their main focus.


S.E.O. Management


Just like a brick mortar retailer has to pay rent in order to have a store front and show their products to the community a online retailer must pay for SEO. As soon as more e-commerce companies start seeing the fee for this service in that light, the SOONER they will begin to see RESULTS.

S.E.O. is all about showing up in high ranking positions in Google and other Search Engines for FREE. It is the classic battle between ORGANIC AND PAID results. Paid results is done via PPC where as organic results are done through link building, directory submission and improvements to your web-site. Unlike PPC which can take effect immediately, SEO takes months to achieve and must be maintained.

We at Brainsick Media, Philadelphia based SEO Company provides services of On-Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization:


  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy Analysis
  • Detailed Site Analysis
  • Keywords Researched
  • Keywords Optimized: Total Numbers of keywords
  • Site Pages Optimized: Total Number of pages indexed
  • SEO Friendly Navigation and Design Optimization
  • HTML Code and Meta-Content
  • Images and Links to be Optimized: Total numbers of links to be optimized
  • HTML Sitemap Creation (for the easy navigation of Users)
  • Google XML sitemap creation and regular updating  (for crawling all the website URL and getting indexed in search engines)
  • Robot.txt Optimization (for calling all the search engine spider to our website so they can crawl our website URL’s)
  • Google Analytics Setup and Review (To monitor the success of the website)
  • Optimizing title and Meta description, Keywords (by which our website comes in search engine result page)
  • URL Redirecting
  • H1 Tags Optimization (search engines spider give more respect to keyword or phrase which are placed between H tags)
  • Image/Link Optimization (search engine spider can’t crawl the image so we have to give image alt text on the images)

Benefits of On Page Optimization

  • With the help of proper and targeted Meta Title, Meta keywords, Meta Description your website will come in search engine result page when a user searches. There are more chances of coming on top in search result if we have placed targeted keywords.
  • If we upload and submit sitemap.xml on our website and to Google than search engine spider will crawl our all URL from one place and index our URL’s on the web.
  • With the help of Google Analytics you can monitor the results of our website like how many users visits our website, visitors location from which they are coming on our website, from which keywords they are coming, new verses old visitors stats and much more….
  • With the help of Image alt text your images are also get crawled by the spider.
  • Search engine gives more priority to the H tags, Title and strong tags they can boost up our website promotion.
  • Keywords Analysis: Keywords are the main important aspect for our website because it all starts and ends with keywords. There is only a chance of getting organic visitors means from Google, yahoo and Bing Search Engines if we have placed right, targeted and appropriate keywords in Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description.


  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Micro Blogging
  • Classified Submission
  • Blog Creation and Manage
  • Blog Submissions
  • Forum Posting
  • Video Submission
  • Business Listing
  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Networking
  • Local Map Submission
  • Generate Backlinks
  • Link Wheel

Benefits of Off Page Optimization

  • Off Page Optimization means the work we do on other website and post our websites link on other websites by which we can get visitors from different websites.
  • With the help of Search engine submission our website URL will indexed in all search engines so there are more chances of coming our website in top of search result.
  • With the help of Directory Submission your website page rank will increase.
  • With the help of Social Bookmarking we can save our web pages and share it friends via email or with social networking sites, we can get more visitors from social bookmarking because now a days many users are in social sites. It gave back-link too so it is very beneficial.
  • Micro Blogging is like tweeting in Twitter there are many Micro Blogging Websites in which we can tweet our URL and specify our service. From here also we can get visitors.
  • With the help of Classified Submission we can offer customer our service like discounts, deal etc.
  • We can discuss our service, products in forum by which people can aware about service and we can get visitors from forum sites and forum signature.
  • We can submit our product video in YouTube and video submission sites by which we can give review about our product. From here also we can get visitors.
  • We can list our website in different business listing websites so our brand and business name will promote like Google Local, Yahoo Local etc.
  • Generally Off Page is the major way to get visitors, the more off page work you do the more visitors you get….

Why Do SEO?

In the end you will save more money and show up in more paces by creating and maintaining a solid S.E.O campaign and BrainSick Media is best SEO Company to help make that happen in Philadelphia. Web Traffic studies have shown that 80% of clicks generated by search engines come from the natural/organic results as opposed to 20% from the paid/sponsored results.  Additionally, the lion’s share of these clicks from the natural results come from the Top 5 rankings.  Paid or Sponsored links not only generate less clicks, they also cost money each and every time a web user clicks onto your site.  The price of these clicks is determined by a bidding system and subject to increases and fluctuations at any time.