Don’t Get Ripped Off On Your Next Website

Time after time, our clients end a meeting with "You are so much more affordable then XYZ company". You can then see them mentally trying to decide if the work you are performing on their website is therefore not the same quality as XYZ web development company OR if XYZ web development company was ripping them off. I am here to explain that the answer is neither but I can give insight as to why Brainsick Media tends to be much more affordable then other local web design companies.

Here is a scenario:

  1. Customer needs a simple but beautiful fully mobile responsive WordPress website for their new bakery.
  2. Customer needs no e-commerce functionality or custom development. Just needs a great modern high quality site where customers can view images, hours of operations, pricing, contact forms etc..
  3. XYZ Web Development Company quotes $5,000
  4. Brainsick Media quotes $800

Both companies plan on designing the same exact site with the same exact code structure, same exact template and same exact features. How can one be so much more expensive?

Simple. The answer is RENT and SALARIES.

Most boutique web agencies are in hip high rent districts. Furthermore, most of them carry full-time salaried developers and designers. When you pay $2500 a month in rent and have 3 or 4 team members each making $50,000+ a year in salary, you are forced to charged a very large amount for the work. Some companies are very upfront about this. On some boutique agency sites, you will see something like "WEBSITE BUDGETS BEGIN AT $5,000". That is how they immediately ensure the people they sit down with are ok with the high budget.

Why is Brainsick Media more affordable? We do not have a posh office and other than a couple team members, Brainsick Media calls on a network of dedicated team members to work on each project. So instead of paying a developer every day with a large salary, we simply call one of our dedicated freelancers to come in for a few days or couple weeks and work on the project. The same level and quality of work is completed and the end result is exactly the same but the cost structure is much more efficient for the consumer.


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