Brand Storming

Every company finds themselves in a mental rut every so often and sometimes requires assistance outside their box to break the stagnation. Our founder and CEO, Thomas Sheridan, can assist you with that problem.

He consults with private companies, government and ad agencies and help them come up with new, fresh and exciting ideas with regards to new brands, logos, slogans, color schemes, pricing, advertisement and much more.

The fee is $500 per 2 hour session or $800 for 5 hours. Clients must be withing 50 miles of center city Philadelphia.


You would send tom all the details regarding the dilemma your having issues with. Tom will review the details, begin research and prepare notes for the session. A day and time slot would then be scheduled and Tom would come and be a part of a Brand Storming session or day and attempt to help you solve the issue your facing.

If interested, please email Thomas Sheridan at